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    How To Access Free And Unlimited Cloud Storage From Telegram Messaging App.


    how to access telegram cloud storage for free
    Access telegram cloud storage for free

    Telegram is a free messaging app that is used to share files. It’s a very big platform that can accommodate millions of members in a single group. This free messaging app also provides free online cloud storage.

    Telegram cloud storage is free online cloud storage that provides free unlimited space to save all your files or data. 

    You can save files like pictures, videos, audio, software, mobile apps and many more.

    You can also access all the files in the telegram cloud storage from any device including desktop. You just have to search for the telegram web from any web browser.

    In order to save all your files in telegram cloud storage, follow these steps;
    • Open the Telegram messaging app. You can download it for free on the play store or on the app store.
    • Click on the button located at the top left corner of the screen as indicated in the diagram below.
    telegram free cloud storage

    • Now Click on "Saved Messages".

    telegram free cloud storage


    • A the new chat page will open as shown in the diagram below. Now you can share and files on this page. No one sees files stored on this page.

    telegram free cloud storage

    • It also provides some editing tools to edit your pictures. You can name your files using captions. This will enable you to easily search for files when they become too many.
    • You can use the search button (shown in the diagram below) to search for all your files in this page.
    telegram free cloud storage


    If you want to access your files in telegram cloud storage from any device, you just have to type "telegram web" in any web browser and sign in with the number. 

    They will send a verification code on telegram. All you have to do is to type in the code then go to saved messages to access all your files.

    Now you can download any files by just clicking on it and then clicking on download.

    telegram free cloud storage

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