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    How To Add Emergency Contact On Your Android Phone.


    emergency contact

    Most people have been found of putting passwords and other phone locks like passwords patterns fingerprint and other kinds of locks on their phone. It is not a bad idea to be putting locks on your phone. It is very important for your privacy's sake.

    You can only make emergency calls only when your phone is locked. So in situations where you are seriously sick or you’ve fainted or you’ve gone unconscious that we might need to call a guardian will be a very big problem if you have a lock on your phone.

    Phone locks like fingerprint and face recognition, we can just hold each of your finger on the phone to verify the finger you used for the fingerprint or hold the phone against your face if it’s a face recognition lock.

    So in very bad situations these kinds of locks can access. But yet still it is advisable to follow these steps to set up emergency contacts. Who knows what could happen someday. 

    In this page, I’m going to show you how to add a guardians contact (either your mum or dad) to your emergency contact so that your guardians can be contacted in situations like unconsciousness or severe weakness.

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    Follow these steps:
    • Turn off your phone and make sure it is locked. Just press the power button to off the screen, not completely turned off.
    • Now on the screen and instead of typing in the password or unlocking it click on EMERGENCY at the bottom of the screen.

    emergency contact

    • Double tap on EMERGENCY INFORMATION located at the top of the screen.
    emergency contacts

    • Click on the pencil icon (edit) at the top right corner of the screen.
    emergency contact

    • Now you will be required to unlock your phone to add the emergency contact.
    •   Click on the + icon at the left of the add contact to add a new emergency contact. You add as many as you want.

    emergency contacts

    You can even go-ahead to add your medical conditions from the button above the add contact. Medical conditions like, drugs you are alleged to and other necessary things if any. These might be very necessary in cases where you found yourself unconscious at the hospital where you can’t give this information to the doctor.

    NOTE :

     If you want to make a call while your phone is locked, you need to go through all the process listed above to access your saved emergency contact but you don’t need to open your phone lock now to access them.
    You can teach your friends and other colleagues on how to do this to save lives.

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