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    Increase Your Computer Memory Size Using USB Pen-drive - Windows



    How to increase your computer RAM size using a flash drive
    You can increase the ram size of your computer by just using a pen drive. It is very simple to increase your device RAM space using a flash drive.

    Most of the software applications such as video editing software and other game applications require a relatively large amount of space to keep these applications running smoothly.

    The RAM size can be increased by just using a flash drive and it will work just like a drive without any short-coming. 

    The larger space you have on your flash drive, then you can add a relatively large amount of memory space to your computer RAM.

    How to increase your computer RAM size using a flash drive;
    • Format the flash drive you will be used to increase the RAM space of the computer. We recommend you use a flash drive of about 8GB memory space.
    • Right-click on the flash drive and choose "Properties" from the drop-down menu.
    • Click on "ready boost" from bars at the top of the small window.
    • Choose "use this device" then click on apply, and click on OK. You can adjust the amount of space you want to allocate as a RAM space.

    Now your flash drive is recognised by the computer as RAM. This method works smoothly.

    NOTE: you have to follow the right procedure to eject. Don’t just remove your drive. If you do that there is a possibility of data corruption.

    To eject your flash drive, follow these steps;

    • Right-click on the drive and choose property.
    • Click on ready boost and choose don’t use this device.
    • Click on Apply then OK

    • You can now successfully eject your flash drive.

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