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    See Some Useful Keyboard Shortcut You Never Knew.

    keyboard shortcut


     Keyboard short cut

    Win + E

    Holding the windows button down and then pressing the E key opens the file explorer of your computer. 

    Ctrl + backspace

    Holding the control key as your press on the backspace key deletes words at a time. Clicking on the backspace key deletes letters and if you want to delete multiple words you have to keep your finger on the backspace key. If care is not taken, you will end up deleting what you don’t want to delete. If you want to delete multiple words, you just hold down the control key and be pressing the backspace key to delete them word by word.

    Alt + tab

    If you want to switch between opened windows, you can easily do so by holding down the alt key as you press on the tab key to switch between opened windows.

    Ctrl +w

    This action allows you to close multiple tabs or sites opened on your browser. Holding down the control key as you press on the w key first closes the current tab and closes the other tabs as you press the w key with the control key down

    Ctrl +l 
     This combination allows you to access the search bar or address bar of your browser.

    Windows +L

    This key combination is very useful. It allows you to lock your computer screen when you leave your computer. This combination will activate the password on your device. This is very useful if you want to take a quick break and you don’t want people around to see what you are working with.

    Ctrl + T

    This key combination helps you to open a new tab in a browser without having to reach your mouse.

    Windows + D

    This combination helps sends you to your desktop by minimizing all opened applications


    When you have multiple windows opened and you want to minimize all of  them except the one you are working with, you can easily shake the current application with the mouse. Just hold the window by its title bar with a mouse and shake it. This will minimize all opened windows except the current window.

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