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    5 Simple Ways To Charge Your Phone Very Fast.

    how to charge your phone faster

    Having to charge your phone several times in the day can be soo boring. The less opportunity you get to charge your phone doesn’t give you a 100% charge.

    This situation can be much boring when your battery is dying out and you need the phone to make a simple but serious call. You remember that day right?

    Don’t worry much, we got you covered. In this post, we will highlight a few methods you can use to charge your phone very faster.

    Enabling Airplane Mode/flight mode

    how to charge your phone fast

    Network signal is one factor that eats much into our battery. Besides, having a poor network can drain your phone battery. The phone battery of people living in poor network areas drained very faster as compared to people living in a good network area.

    To avoid any interference of a poor network in charging your phone, you should set your phone to airplane mode. This way, you reduce the battery drainage capacity which makes it charge very fast than previously.

    Turning off your mobile phone

    Another alternative for setting your phone to airplane mode is putting the phone off. When you put the phone off, you avoid battery drainage by background running apps and network signals. This helps the phone to charge fast.

    Enabling charge mode

    Another proven way to charge your mobile phone very fast is by enabling the charging mode. When you are charging your phone from a computer, you have to enable the charging mode to charge it very faster else it is automatically set to receive files that slow down its charging ability.

    how to charge your phone fast

    To enable the charge mode, go to settings>>system>>about phone>>builder number. When you get to the builder number, tap it 7 times to enable developer options.

    After that go the settings again, tap on "connected device" then tap USB and select charge this device from the options.

    In some Android devices, after enabling the developer options, you then have to go back to settings >> developer options >> select USB configuration >> charging.

    You can simply search for USB in the search bar of settings.

    Removing your phone case

    The phone battery charge best at low temperatures. The lithium-ion batteries in phones charge more efficiently at low temperatures preferably 5C and 45C.

    Removing the phone case reduces heat contribution by ambient surrounding temperature.

    Note: don’t think freezing the phone or putting it on ice since very low temperatures also affect the charging very badly.

    Avoid Wireless charging

    If you are looking for a quick way to charge your phone, wireless charging shouldn’t be an option. We advise you to use wall charging instead. Wall charging is generally slower in charging a phone

    Using a wall socket to charge your phone

    Wall sockets can provide current up to 1A while charging by a computer is about 0.5A. Charging by the wall socket leads to more efficient charging.

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